Hey there! I'm Lauren, the brains behind this operation.

Hey, mama! You're busy, elbow deep in diapers, arguing with a toddler about which shoe goes on which foot, while the dishes and laundry pile on up. You long for the days when you felt pretty, like you had your crap together, like YOURSELF...the days when you could leave the house without having to double check that you're wearing pants and triple check that the tiny humans all made it into the car. Sometimes, you like to hide in the bathroom with a glass (ok fine, bottle) of wine and however many cookies you could smuggle in there without being noticed, and reminisce about those days. How do I know this? It's creepy that I know this, right? Like where is the hidden camera?

Girlfriend, I am YOU! Busy mama, LEO wife, coffee addict, looking for more hours in the day. In my spare time, you can usually find me trolling the clearance section at Target with a venti raspberry white mocha in hand. This season of life can be hard on us without any real legit down time. I get it! You want to feel GOOD about yourself. You want to feel pretty. You want to walk by the mirror and be like, "Oh heeyyyyyy there, you sexy little thing, you!" But hell, you're lucky to squeeze a 5 minute shower in most days...forget spending extra time on looking hot, right?! 

I've got something you'll LOVE. I know you will because I do, and we are the same person, remember? What if I told you that you could spend just 10 minutes a week TOPS, and have that "Wow, I have my shit SO together" feeling ALL. THE. TIME?!?! Well, you can. BAM. Read on...

Color Street is 100% real nail polish strips that go on in seconds without tools or heat or magic wands, look freaking amazing for a couple weeks, and then come right off with nail polish remover when you're ready. Imagine scrubbing dishes (3 days' worth, of course) or moving laundry from the dryer to that basket it'll live in for the next week, or trying not to gag as you toss that dirty diaper, and catching a glimpse of your super gorgeous, blindingly glittery nails. AND they look like you paid $50 for them (I won't tell anyone they were $12 if you won't!). AND they took you less than 10 minutes to do. AND they're 13 days old and still look perfect. No, you're not dreaming...just stumbling upon your next greatest obsession!

OH! By the way, if you're looking to change your life by making crazy stupid amounts of money, come do this thing WITH me! Pay off debt, swipe your card at the grocery store without crossing your fingers that it'll go through, vacation like no one's business, give like no one else...whatever your big dreams are, I would LOVE to help you achieve them!

-Lauren, Cactus by the Beach Official Head Mastermind Boss Lady Mom Person