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You're a busy mom. You love this crazy life, but holy crap, WHERE did that girl you used to know go?! How do you find her? How do you still be the best YOU when you are focusing on everything and everyone BUT you?! 

You're in luck! I'm here to help. And I GET IT. Mom life isn't always amazing. You miss feeling sexy. You miss using your brain for something other than teaching a tiny dictator the ABC's. You miss having people go, "Damn. She is freaking badass!"

Dude. I've been there! I think we all have! If you just want to feel pretty again, without spending tons of time you don't have on lengthy self care crap that doesn't even last, I've got you. If you want to find your inner badass again, that hustler that JUST. KILLED. IT. at her career and got a high from being productive, I've got you there, too! 

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5 Must Have's for a Safe & Healthy Summer!

5 Must Have's for a Safe & Healthy Summer!

Beaches, backyard pools, the zoo, baseball games, never ending days at the happiest place on Earth...no matter your plans, or where you happen to be shuttling your kids to and from all summer, here are five simple switches to keep everyone safe and healthy all season long! 

1- SAFE Sun Protection

Many sunscreens are now known to contain ingredients that can cause cancer. Uhhhh, seems a little counter-productive if you ask me. Opt for one without all the yuck, especially for little ones! These mineral-based creams are usually labeled as "sunblock", but some companies stick with "sunscreen". The important thing to look for is a main ingredient of either zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. Both Badger Co. and California Baby make great ones that come highly recommended by myself and others! Just a little bit of these goes a lonnnnnnnnng way too, so they'll last much longer than the thin, greasy sunscreens you're used to, saving you money in the long run (YESSS! WIN-WIN!). Toss out the 7 half-empty bottles hiding in the back of your cabinet, and grab one of these before you have to buy another terrible one from the gas station at the last minute again!

Badger Co. Baby Sunscreen Cream


2- Glowy, Healthy Skin

Are you a glow-getter? I'm a self-confessed heliophile, but we all know what too much sun bathing results in. Get your bronze on without risking sun damage, skin cancer, or damage from toxic chemicals. Did you know a common ingredient in sunless tanners can alter your DNA when inhaled? No thanks, right?! Choose a lotion over a spray, no matter what. It's pretty hard to find a sunless tanner that produces a great result alone, but nearly impossible to find one that also won't harm your body...which is exactly why this one from Lavera is so freaking AMAZING! Award-winning, easy to evenly apply, nourishes your skin, and contains NO synthetics. Worth it's weight in gold, hands down! 

Lavera Self-Tanning Lotion


3- A Glass On-the-Go

Plastics, even BPA-free ones, can leach harmful toxins into their environment. This increases when plastic is warmed up, like...say....by being outside in the summer heat or left in a hot car, for instance. Best not to be drinking toxic water, am I right? You most likely already own one or five reusable, hard plastic water bottles. Swap them for glass! I know, I know...breakable. Just TRUST me on this one!!! I've had this bottle here for a couple years, dropped it a billion times, and it's still perfect. The glass is thicker than other bottles, and the silicone cover protects it from cracking. The lid lets you easily clip it onto a stroller or bag with a carabiner. Bonus: Remove the silicone sleeve (or leave it on), and toss it into the dishwasher without worrying about the heat breaking down plastic and releasing toxic chemicals!

Zulu Element Glass Water Bottle


4- After Sun Spritz

To post-sun skin, even a room-temperature bottle of aloe feels like it's straight from the freezer. You know exactly what I'm talking about. The super unpleasant experience of screaming, "WARM IT UP IN YOUR HANDS FIRST!!!", only to have ice cold aloe squirted directly onto your back. I get shivers just remembering it. Make sure it won't happen this summer. This spray is made for tiny humans, but works just as well on adult ones! No more chasing a naked toddler down the hall to rub gel or lotion onto about half of one arm before giving up, and no more husband smearing globs of chilly torture on your burnt back. A few soothing mists of this non-toxic, natural, hydrating spray, and you'll be feeling less lobster-like in no time!

California Baby Aloe & Arnica Spray


OH! And speaking of sprays, this one will keep bugs away on all your summer outings! Natural, super effective, travel-size, and inexpensive! What more could you ask for?

5- B.O. Banisher

Don't be embarrassed, we all sweat. Especially when it's hot enough to bake cookies on your dashboard. You've heard about all the health problems deodorant can cause, but....you also don't want to smell homeless. I mean, you're already rocking the newest "homeless" hair style (it's like the more urban version of beachy waves meets top knot, right? RIGHT?!), and you'd like people to think you DO actually shower on a regular basis. A crystal deodorant neutralizes odor-causing bacteria, leaves no residue, won't melt in your oven....er, car...and one crystal lasts for YEARS. If you can't wrap your head around having NOTHING on your pits, Primal Pit Paste is a great natural alternative, and the lavender in this one is super soothing!

Crystal Deodorant



Wherever your summer takes you, be prepared by swapping out your old go-to's with these natural, safe alternatives for yourself and your family! 

OH! And don't forget your #TargetHat to keep the sun off your face and look FABULOUS! (pssssst...it's only $5 in the Target dollar spot...RUN!!!)

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5 Tips to get Gorgeous, Healthy Skin NOW!

5 Tips to get Gorgeous, Healthy Skin NOW!

Be gentle to your body. It's the only one you'll get!

Be gentle to your body. It's the only one you'll get!