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You're a busy mom. You love this crazy life, but holy crap, WHERE did that girl you used to know go?! How do you find her? How do you still be the best YOU when you are focusing on everything and everyone BUT you?! 

You're in luck! I'm here to help. And I GET IT. Mom life isn't always amazing. You miss feeling sexy. You miss using your brain for something other than teaching a tiny dictator the ABC's. You miss having people go, "Damn. She is freaking badass!"

Dude. I've been there! I think we all have! If you just want to feel pretty again, without spending tons of time you don't have on lengthy self care crap that doesn't even last, I've got you. If you want to find your inner badass again, that hustler that JUST. KILLED. IT. at her career and got a high from being productive, I've got you there, too! 

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5 Tips to get Gorgeous, Healthy Skin NOW!

5 Tips to get Gorgeous, Healthy Skin NOW!

Who would love healthy, radiant, glowing skin...naturally? Better question is who WOULDN'T, right?!?! I've been through just about every skin struggle you could possibly imagine, and I've got a few tips to share. Actually, I've got about 3 million tips to share when it comes to skin care, but this would be a book, not a blog post if I really gave you all of them! These are the BIG ones, that we all could stand to be reminded of over and over again.

Ditch the Harsh Cleansers!

It may seem like they're "curing" your breakouts, but they're actually doing wayyyyyy more damage than good, and it's going to come back to bite you in the ass. TRUST me on this one, I've been there. I've tried every method from the most gentle oil cleansing routines, to the go-to drug store stuff, to being on every prescription pill and cream that exists. The harsh cleansers are full of crap to damage your skin further and mask the underlying cause of your problem, and keep you dependent on whatever product "works" as long as you use it. Here's the thing, though...the natural acid mantle on your skin has a ph of about 5.5. That is the proper ph for your skin to be healthy, hydrated, and protected. When you use a cleanser (most of which have a ph of 7-10, depending what's in them), you greatly disrupt that natural, super important balance. Your skin overcompensates by producing more sebum (oil) to restore balance and protect your skin, which in turn clogs your pores, causing breakouts. See the cycle here, yet??? Salicylic acid and benzyl peroxide are the main culprits in harsh cleansers to avoid. Why do you think you're supposed to steer clear of them while pregnant or breastfeeding? Yeah, cause they're freaking poison!!! Don't litter your body with them. Sulfur and glycolic acid (or AHA) are better. Curing the CAUSE of your breakouts is ideal. 

Don't Sleep in Your Makeup!

Don't sit there and go, "Well, DUH!" because you know you shouldn't sleep in your makeup, butttttt guess what. I know that you still DO!!! Stop it, girl. You might be thinking your makeup is SO non-comedogenic and pure and natural that it's ok to leave it on, since you never wake up with a terrible break out when you do. You actually typically see the effects a few days later, and maybe attribute it to something else. Even if you don't see any terrible effects of sleeping in your makeup, the truth is that it is at least stopping your skin from getting the oxygen and nourishment that it would be otherwise getting if you took the 2 minutes to remove your makeup. Just take it off. Take it ALL off! Owww!  ;)

Healthy SPF

Unless you want to increase your chances of cancer, avoid "chemical sunscreens" like the plague and opt for a mineral sunscreen. Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are the active ingredients to look for in mineral sunscreens (technically called "sun block". Fragrance-free, for sensitive skin, and water resistant are all huge bonuses! I lay it right out and tell you which are my personal faves here.


"But Lauren, my skin is already soooo oily!"...Yeah, and THAT type of skin needs the most hydration to tell your body to stop overproducing all that oil! Again, when you disrupt the natural ph balance and deplete the acid mantle, your body automatically tries to fix it. Be careful of the ingredients of any moisturizer you choose, or to be totally safe, just pick a good oil for your skin type. Coconut oil, argan oil, rosehip seed oil, and olive oil are some popular, often raved-about ones, but they might not work for YOUR skin. More info on understanding which oils to slather on like gold and which to avoid, depending on your individual skin type here.


Again, don't be rollin' your eyes at this. That's right, girlfriend, I can see you. I've got eyes everywherrre...dun, dunnn, DUNNN! Ok, for real though. Do you drink enough water? Not coffee, not juice, not soda, not tea, WATER. No, you probably don't. If you do drink enough water on a regular, consistent basis, high five to YOU, because most of us do NOT! It's impossible to pinpoint an exact "ounces per day" that you need, since everyone's bodies are truly so different. Don't ever force water, but keep a water bottle (a glass one!) handy at all times. Squirting a bit of lemon in your water and drinking through a straw is a sneaky way to trick your brain into drinking more. You can also spray water directly onto your face, and it feels AHHHHHMAZING. Here's the one I mentioned earlier on Periscope, but even some filtered water in a spray bottle with a good mist setting would do the trick! 


Want more in-depth healthy skin tips? Come find me on the Facebooks or catch me live on Periscope M-F @ 1 PST this week! 

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