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Why should I care about non-toxic living?

Why should I care about non-toxic living?

"...ingesting, inhaling, and absorbing toxins from countless sources is a recipe for disaster, which most people are cookin' up on the daily"

One of the most common arguments I hear from people who don't bother to avoid toxic chemicals in their home is always something to the effect of, "Well I grew up drinking water from BPA-laden bottles and eating mass amounts of processed foods, and I turned out just fine!" Really, though? I mean, DID you turn out "just fine"? You have no health problems, at all? No weight problems, no recurring headaches, no allergies, no asthma, no eczema, no aches or pains, no hormonal imbalance or fertility struggles, you are in 100% completely perfect mental and physical health, and it's totally impossible that you'll ever find out you have tumors or cysts that have been growing for years and years before discovering them? Mmmmmk, pumpkin. 

Just because something hasn't killed you yet, or hasn't caused serious visible or tangible damage, doesn't mean that it has had no effect on you and never will. That's like smoking, and deciding never to quit because you haven't found out you have lung cancer yet. Or choosing to continue driving drunk, because you have in the past and you didn't cause an accident. Now, I'm not saying eating cheese puffs will kill you...I mean, ya know, it COULD...but ingesting, inhaling, and absorbing toxins from countless sources is a recipe for disaster, which most people are cookin' up on the daily. What is "normal" or "just fine" to you may seem just that. It's all we've ever known. We are told it's totally normal to take at least 1 year to become pregnant, to have adult acne, to get migraines, to develop severe allergies. The thing is, it is far from normal. While all those things are certainly common, they are NOT the result of a normal, fully-functioning, efficient and healthy body. They are warning signs, symptoms that something is not right.

The increasing number of people becoming concerned about reducing their toxic chemical exposure isn't because they want to be trendy. It is because of science. We are becoming smarter about our health. More and more health issues are pointing back to exposure to too many toxins that our bodies are just not biologically designed to handle. We are being FORCED to become smarter about it, since there is little to no regulation regarding our household and self care products, and even our food. 

Has it become a trend? Sort of, sure. It’s mentioned about 385 times each day in that mom group, after all. Your girlfriend was just telling you about how she threw away all her plastic containers and scored an awesome deal on a glass set on Groupon. Every company is suddenly slapping things like “all-natural”, “non-toxic”, “plant-derived”, etc. on their ads (which you shouldn't be fooled by, by the way). You wonder if it really matters what your family is exposed to. Is it really THAT big of a deal which soaps and sunscreens you slather on your kids, if they're just eating boogers and dirt anyway (also, possibly rocks and carpet, but you're not totally sure)? 

Yes. Yes, it absolutely does. Here are just a few reasons why...

Today’s toxins are not the toxins of 20 years ago. Or even 10 years ago. To give you some perspective, over 80,000 new chemicals have been invented in the past 70 years or so, and more are continually being developed. There are now over 84 THOUSAND industrial chemicals, just in your household products alone. How many of those are tested by the FDA? 200. And they only regulate 5 of them (there is no FDA-type agency for household products, by the way).

Take a look under your bathroom sink. All those lotions, soaps, facial cleansers, hair dye, nail polishes, and those 3 half-used shampoo bottles...it's all chock full of countless, unnecessary, toxic chemicals. At least 12 most common ones have been found to cause serious damage to our brains and nervous systems and cause a super fun variety of diseases and disorders. Ever wondered why there is such an increase in Alzheimer's and autism, just to name a couple?

Oh, and you know the air that you're breathing right now, this very moment, as you sit on your couch reading this? That air is more polluted than the air outside. On average, it’s actually twice to five times more polluted! If you’re reeeeeally lucky, it could be up to 100 times more polluted. Gross, right?! That’s because of all the toxins leaching into the air in your home from your belongings...your furniture, your clothes, your beauty products, your kitchen gadgets, your cleaning products, your air fresheners, candles, anything with plastic, etc. 

In short, we all need to be paying better attention to what we are using, especially on and around our children. Why NOT live a more non-toxic life? I know, I know...who the heck has time to research every product they buy? It would take an hour to Google every ingredient, right? Picking out a new shampoo is already enough of a struggle when you have a small human hanging on you and pulling your earring out in the middle of Target. Here's the good news! That's where I come in. You know where to find me, should you want my help! If not, a great resource I love is the Environmental Working Group. Either way...know better, do better! 

*I am all about self-education. This is my jam, but I encourage you to check it out yourself if you have even the tiniest sliver of doubt in anything I tell you. These are just a few great sources of info. Happy reading!*




Be gentle to your body. It's the only one you'll get!

Be gentle to your body. It's the only one you'll get!