What the heck is a "Unicorn", right?! 

Are you smart? Do you know a killer opportunity when you see one? Are you driven, motivated, and maybe even a little competitive? Would you love to get paid 5 figures a month? Then you, my friend, might be a Unicorn! 

It's no secret how incredible it is to get into a company like Color Street while we are still so new. Our product requires no sales pitch or explanation, is highly consumable, priced right, and there is just nothing else like it! Color Street is quickly becoming a staple in many women's beauty arsenals. Everyone is obsessed, and everyone keeps coming back for more!

If YOU want to reclaim your identity outside of “mom”, ditch your life-sucking day job, or be generously compensated while empowering other women to achieve their own goals, join the Color Street Phoenix Faction TODAY. Whether you just need an extra $500/month or $10,000/month, we have everything you need to start working toward that goal TODAY! We have a proven plan for success. Why wait another day?

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"But wait, Lauren! I have some questions! I need more info!"

Well, of course you do! Ok, you Unicorn in the making. Jump over to our team Q&A group, where you can be a fly on the wall to see what it’s like to be a Stylist. There are answers in there to ALL the questions new Stylists usually have. I also share current enrollment specials in there for new Stylists!


*Kitnappers need not apply. Purchasing our business kit just for the discount is not cost effective if you are not planning on working the business. I've got a special program that is PERFECT for you right here that you’ll benefit from much more!

If you are primarily negative, lazy, a whiner, or an excuse maker, please use our online Stylist locator to find another Color Street Stylist.